Ben Gregory's Blog

Ben Gregory our Product Development Manager is currently touring Australia and New Zealand in search of new plant varieties to grow here at Wyevale Nurseries. 

Please check back here for regular updates until January. 

Monday 31st October:

I spent the day with Malcolm Woolmore who is the director of Lyndale Nurseries and Kiwiflora and his wife Trina Woolmore.

We took an in depth tour of the propagation facilities at Lyndale, the stockplant beds and the new plant trials. We viewed a lot of exciting new introductions that are being lined up for the European market by Kiwiflora.
Later that day we visited Dr Keith Hammett, the leading breeder of Dahlia (and other crops) in the world. We toured Keith's facilities and viewed current breeding trials.
We then went on the New Zealand liners, owned by Paul Turner. NZ Liners are a large exporter of Phormium to the European market.

Tuesday 1st November:

We started the day by visiting a unique nursery called Awa nurseries, who are supplying the landscape and retail market on the edge of Auckland. They are producing a large volume of interesting plants for the NZ market.

I then went on to visit one of the largest nurseries supplying the retail chain market further south. They are prolific breeders of a number of our promotional crops, we toured the nursery and viewed breeding trials that will be available in the future.

Thursday 3rd November:

In the morning I visited Dave Ogilvy at Bruntwood Nurseries just outside of Hamilton. Dave is the breeder of Phormium Alison Blackman, Phormium Taya and many other crops. We toured the nursery and viewed trials.

In the afternoon I visited Paul Handyside, of Tauranga. Paul is the breeder of Phormium Blondie and is a large grower of Phormium.

I also visited Naturally Native Plants, the breeders of Phormium Chocomint. We toured the probation units and the new trial crops.

It was a flax filled day!

Tomorrow I am visiting Vance Hooper (breeder of magnolia), Stepping Stones and a Delphinium breeder.