Environmental Policy

Wyevale Nurseries shows a thorough and ongoing commitment towards operating and working in a manner that safeguards the local, national and global environments.

Environmental Policy
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Wyevale Nurseries supplies plants wholesale to garden centres and the amenity sector. It is a common goal of all Wyevale companies to show a thorough and ongoing commitment towards operating and working in a manner that, as far as is reasonably practicable and possible, safeguards the local, national and global environments.
Wyevale Nurseries will seek to comply with EMS standards, industry codes of practice and customer requirements now and in the future.
It is the responsibility of all the Directors of Wyevale Nurseries and Container Plants to implement this policy liaising with the departmental managers who, within their area of responsibility, give full support to the directors.
All employees within the group are briefed and trained where necessary on the Environmental Policy. The directors and managers will ensure that they are their staff are made aware of environmental issues which might be affected and influenced by nursery activities. This is achieved by:
Incorporation in the business plan
Discussion at directors, managers and departmental meetings
Memos and notices issued on relevant subjects
Staff training to ensure environmental strategies are implemented and adopted in a safe and effective manner
As part of annual management review procedures, key areas of environmental performance are recorded and are used to set continual targets for improvement. These targets figure in the business plan and in individual company and departmental objectives.
To support elements of improved environmental performance, Wyevale Nurseries also takes part in DEFRA-backed trials and research programmes. These have included consortiums to look at water use efficiency, peat reduction and peat-free growing media, integrated pest management and reduction in pesticide use.
Wyevale Nurseries is committed to the prevention of pollution, to reducing any environmental risk, to conserving energy and natural resources, to increasing recycling and thereby minimising waste and to protecting natural habitats and wildlife.
It is also committed to increasing the amount of recycled water, thus reducing the amount of borehole water used.
There will be an ongoing process to ensure compliance with environmental legislation and other requirements where identified.
Wyevale Nurseries will make this policy available to staff, customers, contractors and the general public.
Click here to download our Certificate of Registration for our Environmental Management System