Xylella Policy

The directors and staff of Wyevale Nurseries are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, in particular to be at the forefront of the industry in defining and setting out existing and new, high standards of plant health and biosecurity.
Wyevale Nurseries will do this by complying with all government regulations set out by DEFRA and any other related legislation.  In addition Wyevale Nurseries will work with regulatory and advisory authorities and industry peers to respond to potential new hazards as they arise.

Xyella Policy
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In its commitment to excellent standards of plant biosecurity and further to the Company Plant Health Policy, Wyevale Nurseries has identified the plant disease Xylella as a particular threat and will be taking the following measures to minimise the risks:
• Education, involvement and commitment of staff in all areas of the business to the risks posed by the disease Xylella fastidiosa.
• Setting out operating procedures regarding Xylella which take into account legal obligations, risk assessment and documented work practice.
• Incorporate the 5 key areas of action as identified by the Horticultural Trades Association (we are a signature to this HTA initiative) as follows:
o     Adherence to the legal responsibility of Plant Passporting on all incoming and outgoing plant stock and excellent record keeping so to achieve complete traceability.
o     All plant suppliers will be vetted and approved, or rejected if sub-standard.
o     We will work with our approved suppliers to ensure as far as we can that all plants are sourced and originate from Xylella free areas.
o     Practice high levels of nursery hygiene, maintaining crop inspection, and husbandry records and responsibly disposing of any unused stock.
o     Comply with the national requirement to notify UK Plant Health Service about movement of certain plant species under the `EU Plant and Tree Notification Scheme`.
• IN ADDITION: Adoption of the newly created Horticultural Trades Association`s `Plant Health Assurance Scheme` (PHAS) of which Wyevale Nurseries is a Pilot member and will be independently audited.
• Wyevale Nurseries has identified the following plant genera as posing a particular risk of Xylella infection and has voluntarily ceased growing or importing these plant types: Olea (Olives), Polygala, Nerium (Oleander), Vitis (Grapes) and Citrus .  The list may change as and when risk is heightened.
• A commitment to continual improvement within the business, as more is known about Xylella.
• The culture of care for plant health issues will range across all divisions of the Wyevale Nurseries business and be made known to suppliers, customers and specifiers.

Updated August 2019