Wyevale Nurseries at the HTA National Plant Show 2014

We would be delighted if you could spare some time during the show to come and meet us at our stand, which is number 45/46. This media pack contains press releases on our plans for the future including our new logo and branding.
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Trend for centres to de-stock outdoor plants in the winter

GARDEN centres are now de-stocking their shrub benches in the winter preferring to order plants in early spring according to one of the UK’s leading commercial nurseries (August, 2014).

Wyevale Nurseries says garden centres have recently changed their buying patterns to match those of consumers and despite campaigns designed to encourage autumn planting, spring still remains the key season.

New team heads-up customer driven era at Wyevale Nurseries

ONE OF THE UK’s leading commercial nurseries has unveiled its new customer-focused front-end team this month (July, 2014).

Wyevale Nurseries, which recently re-organised from three companies into one to offer customers a ‘one-stop-shop’, has bolstered its expertise with some new roles for existing staff and some new faces too.

Sales and Marketing Director, Adam Dunnett said: “I joined Wyevale Nurseries just six months ago. After spending many, many years admiring Wyevale Nurseries both as a customer or a competitor it is fantastic to now be part of one of our industry’s truly pioneering companies.

New Point of Sale puts crown on plants for 201

THE CUSTOMERS of one of the country’s top commercial nurseries have helped shape the future of its Point of Sale (POS) (July, 2014).

Wyevale Nurseries in Hereford says it has listened to the feedback from garden centre plant buyers and has re-branded and re-worked its POS so that plants are now ‘king’.

Sales and Marketing Director, Adam Dunnett said: “We’ve given our bespoke labels and correx boards a complete redesign having listened to what our customers have told us they would like and what sells plants. They requested that we made the plant image king and ensured the name was clear and easy to read. They also said we should major on the British-grown message.

New for 2015: Forsythia ‘Spring Show Off’

KEEN gardeners who are looking for new plants for 2015 need hunt no further.

One of the UK’s leading commercial nurseries in Hereford is unveiling a new Forsythia and several other new plants for 2015 and these will be available from all good garden centres nationwide in the spring.

Adam Dunnett, Sales and Marketing Director at Wyevale Nurseries, said: “Following the launch of Forsythia ‘Spring Show Off’ in the USA, Wyevale Nurseries, which recently re-organised from three companies into one, is offering the plant in the UK.