Colin reveals his top five plants for 2020
Posted by Rosie. Dec. 3 2018 in PR Stories.

Colin Stanley, our Retail Sales Manager, has selected five plants, which he thinks really show how we’re at the forefront of new and innovative varieties and that display the diversity of our extensive range.

Colin explained: “My top five plants for 2020 from our 90th Anniversary Celebratory Promotional Catalogue are Dryopteris ‘Jurassic Gold’, the Potentilla Double Punch Collection, Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride Snow White’, Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ and Raspberry ‘Yummy’.

“Some of these are award-winning plants as Dryopteris ‘Jurassic Gold’ won the Best New Plant in the Hardy Nursery Stock Category at Four Oaks in 2018, Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride Snow White’ was awarded RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year for 2018 – you could say it’s been a runaway success! And finally, Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ won third place as Chelsea Plant of the Year for 2019.

“We feel these plants will be very popular with retail customers as they all have a certain characteristic that will be very appealing to gardeners, whether it’s their colour, floral display, size or crop of fruit, we feel they are the best of the best for 2020.”

Dryopteris ‘Jurassic Gold’ is a brand-new addition, which erupts into golden new foliage in the spring. It is shade and moisture tolerant and will grow well in a patio pot or planted in groups for a striking gold contrast. This hardy fern will be available in a 3-litre pot in June 2020.

Potentilla Double Punch Collection is a brand-new collection of breakthrough double flowering Potentilla in a strong colour range. Forming a neat and compact mound, these make ideal container shrubs or are suitable for beds and borders.

The collection includes Potentilla ‘Double Punch Cream’, Potentilla ‘Double Punch Pastel’, Potentilla ‘Double Punch Gold’ and Potentilla ‘Double Punch Peach’.

Colin added: “Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride Snow White’ is one of the most floriferous and vigorous hydrangeas making it very appealing. It has masses of white lace cap flowers with a hint of pale pink and has six times more flowers than the average hydrangea.

“The confetti like flowers form in garlands along the full length of the stem at every leaf joint. It flowers from late spring/early summer well into autumn. Available in a 6 litre pot from June 2020.

“Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ has stunning, eye catching, glorious bi-colour blue and white blooms that explode into life. The flower heads are supersize and densely packed with trumpet shape flowers. It grows to a medium height to around 50-60cm. It’s a significant improvement on Agapanthus ‘Twister’. It will be available in a 2 litre pot from May 2020.

“Last but not least is Raspberry ‘Yummy’. A dwarf and compact raspberry that will give a crop of fruit in its first year. It’s an ideal patio plant that comes ready to place in the garden. It fruits throughout the summer and is supplied in a red patio pot. Available in a 5 litre pot from April 2020.”

Photograph caption: Dryopteris ‘Jurassic Gold’.

Photograph caption: Potentilla ‘Double Punch Peach’.

Photograph caption: Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride Snow White’.

Photograph caption: Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ 

Photograph caption: Raspberry ‘Yummy’.


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