Growth in demand for specimen shrubs
Posted by Luke. Apr. 9 2018 in PR Stories.

We have seen a growth in sales of our range of specimen shrubs and we have increased our own production by 300% in the past three years (April, 2018).

We’ve created additional bed space on our nursery for specimen shrubs and have extended the range recently to include several native hedging varieties to keep up with demand.

Adam Dunnett, our Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Our new specimen beds are quarter of a hectare each and the total additional area space is half a hectare. We also use drips for accurate and efficient irrigation for all our specimen shrub range.

“These additional beds now bring the new 600 bed specimen area to nearly two hectares of 7.5 litre (L) and 15L pots. We plan to install another quarter of a hectare next year too. 

“Customers use specimen shrubs as the backbone plants for most commercial and some residential projects, which planting schemes are built around. They also make ideal solitary plants as points of interest.

“The housing industry is currently the largest market for us for specimens. We are also finding holiday parks and the education sector are using more specimen shrubs too.

“One of the key lines in this range is Phormiums. We grow Phormiums in a range of sizes – 3L, 7.5L and 20L pots, giving customers different options depending on their budget and required impact. For spot planting as features in leisure parks or commercial projects, or to provide instant impact in show homes or garden make overs, Phormium specimen plants make a statement. 

“We produce the largest range of coastal evergreens of all UK growers and are renowned for both quality of product and excellent stock holding. Our range is under constant review with new, improved varieties regularly introduced.”

Wyevale Nurseries’ expanded specimen area.  

Phormium in 7.5L and 20L pots.  

Specimen Phormium in holiday park planting. 


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