Shrubs form the backbone of our 2019 catalogue
Posted by luke. Jul. 12 2018 in PR Stories.

We are pleased to announce that this month (July, 2018) we launched our 2019 promotional catalogue and it includes 78 shrubs this year – a rise of 37%.

The number of shrubs in our new catalogue has increased due to customer demand for low maintenance, dwarfed varieties that look good in containers and have multiple seasons of interest.

Adam Dunnett, our Sales & Marketing Director, said: “Our objective when launching new shrub varieties is to make them fit for purpose for the 21st Century garden.

“We are introducing some exciting lesser known shrub genus into the range including Dianella and Lagerstromia varieties such as Dianella ‘Wyeena™’, Dianella ‘Little Rev’, Lagerstromia ‘Rhapsody in Pink’ and Lagerstromia ‘Berry Dazzle’.

“Wyeena™ is a new strappy leaf Australian native, which provides contrasting coloured foliage all year round. It has a neat clumping habit, with broad, arching leaves and will brighten up any dull area in the garden with striking variegated foliage.”

Little Rev is a compact clumping evergreen perennial growing to 90cm tall and spreading slowly outwards. It has narrow foliage that is a yellow-green on the upper surface and a blue-green on the more visible lower surface and held in uniform upright fans.

Lagerstromia ‘Rhapsody in Pink’ is a new UK hardy shrub with stunning purple leaves, which is smothered with pink flowers in the summer. Unlike previous Lagestromias this one will flower in the UK and is hardy to approximately -10°C.

Lagerstromia ‘Berry Dazzle’ is a new variety of compact dwarf crape myrtle. Berry Dazzle is fully hardy, resistant to a winter chill but also high heat in summer in full sun. It is compact and will reach around 1.2 metres high. It is very easy to grow, disease resistant and freely flowering.

Adam added: “We are also taking known bestselling shrub genus and introducing the best new varieties within those key genus including for example Phormium ‘Blondie’, which was featured as one of the top 20 new plants of 2018 at Chelsea.

“Phormium ‘Blondie’ is a distinct Phormium, which has a unique weeping habit unlike any other. It will grow into a tight clump up to 80cm tall and 60cm wide with a distinct, strongly arching habit, similar to a chlorophytum. The leaves are variegated with a cream stripe down the midrib and a green margin. ‘Blondie’ is particularly suited to growing in a patio container where it can be left to gracefully arch over the pot.

“Other varieties include Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Little Angel’, Yucca filamentosa ‘Bright Edge’, Photinia ‘Magical Volcano’ and Escallonia ‘Glowing Embers’.” 

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Dianella ‘Wyeena™’.

Lagerstromia ‘Rhapsody in Pink’.


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