Still pretty in pink? Or is orange the new ‘in’
Posted by Luke. Aug. 3 2017 in PR Stories.

We spend time following colour trends to try to ensure our new range matches that of current fashions. 

Within our 2018 promotional catalogue, the most popular flower colour is pink with more than 40 of our promotions flowering with a rose hue.

Adam Dunnett, our Sales & Marketing Director, said: “Within home interior design neutrals might be the ‘in’ thing this year but in the garden, we are seeing a trend towards more vibrant colours.

“Pink has always been a popular choice alongside white. Within our new 2018 catalogue 35% of the promotions flower pink, 20% white, 15% orange, 9% purple, 9% blue, 6% yellow and 6% red.

“Interestingly, orange is the colour which has increased the most in the past two years. In our 2016 catalogue, seven promotions were orange and in 2018 this has increased to 17.

“We feel people are opting for flower beds which will burst with bright orange perhaps for a tropical vibe. This would mix well with yellow, red and purple to give a warm and vibrant sensation. The general public seem to be getting more adventurous with colour and the brighter the better. These lively colours are what Ben Gregory, our Product Development Manager, saw as a trend during his visit to the California Spring Trials. 

“We are interested to speak to retailers on what they feel will be popular in the future. More than 60% of our promotions are pastel colours with 27% more tropical orange, yellow and red. Colour trends are important to us and we will continue to offer our customers the most fashionable shades in the coming years.”

Colin Stanley, Retail Sales Manager at Wyevale Nurseries.


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