We’re linking with Joy of Plants to go more eco
Posted by Rosie. Jul. 15 2019 in PR Stories.

We’re delighted to announce that we will be linking with a plant information company to offer our customers a more environmentally-friendly point of sale option.

We have been looking at ways to help reduce the amount of single use plastic in garden centres and can now do so by working with Joy of Plants based in Berkshire.

Carol Dickinson, our Customer Support & Innovation Manager, said: “For many years we have supplied non-recyclable correx point of sale boards with all our promotional lines. However, having listened to our customers telling us that they no longer use the correx boards to promote their plants in the way they once did and that they would, in fact, prefer a more informative alternative, and one that is more environmentally friendly, we’ve taken some action on this.

“By working with Joy of Plants and giving it access to our extensive image and content library, we are providing our customers with an eco-friendly alternative to correx. 

“Our customers can now control exactly what point of sale they wish to print and how they wish to print it by using Joy of Plants’ service. The system allows garden centres to create bespoke promotional bed material, providing information to help gardeners make purchasing decisions and, at the same time, vastly reducing the mountains of correx boards that are left unused every year in plantarias nationwide.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Joy of Plants on its Print Your Own Bed Cards service. These cards can be printed on recyclable materials and are giving our customers far greater flexibility to produce exactly what they need, when they need it, all customised to match their own branding.”

Joy of Plants’ mission is to make plant information easy and accessible to all. It has created a library of more than 14,300 UK garden plants and trees and offers a platform of tools to help garden centres, retailers and growers maximise their plant sales. It provides information in many forms including Bed Cards, Apps, Plant Finder for websites and Touchscreen Kiosks.

Terri Jones, Managing Director at Joy of Plants, explained: “We’re delighted to be linking with Wyevale Nurseries to offer our plant information service to their customers. Our Print Your Own Bed Cards allow garden centre staff members to print their bed cards as and when they need them, and they don’t have to bulk buy and then waste the ones they don’t use.”

The recyclable blanks for printing bed cards from the Joy of Plants service are available from a number of industry suppliers including Dura-id. The inkjet and laser bed cards can be used indoors and out and by using UV inks they will last for many months in the sun and rain. Once they are no longer needed, they can be recycled.

Joy of Plants offer standard bed card templates as well as custom templates so retailers can add in their logo, branding colours and other information as desired. The bed cards can be tailored to each retailer.

Photograph caption: Carol Dickinson, Customer Support & Innovation Manager at Wyevale Nurseries, with examples of the Print Your Own Bed Cards from Joy of Plants.


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