We’ve invested in new business management software
Posted by Rosie. Jan. 22 2020 in PR Stories.

We are continuing our drive to innovate and have recently installed a new and bespoke enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (January, 2020).

After a trial period of six months the system is now fully operational and will cover all aspects of our business including production, sales, transport, accounting and HR.

Andy Johnson, our Managing Director, said: “Our new system needed to be secure, stable and future proof, allowing the business to innovate and grow in line with our customers, suppliers and economic and ecological challenges.

“By having one central repository across the business, information is updated and displayed in real time meaning all operatives have access to the full picture and can work more effectively.

“Streamlining practical work processes to mirror the passage of information through the system means we are better able to plan and are seeing more accuracy in data output and performance.”

The system we have installed is Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We can now capture all business-critical information centrally at the earliest opportunity and are able to analyse this data efficiently to make informed decisions, thereby maximising efficiency. Sales forecasting will drive production planning to manage and control outputs, reducing wastage. 

Andy added: “We underwent a long and extensive collaboration period with our system supplier to customise the programming to fit the nature of horticulture, as opposed to standard manufacturing.

“Full installation took place last July and we are now six months in and after a period of stabilising we are really beginning to see and feel the benefits.

“The new system now means that we’re able to react immediately to changes in legislation, for example the introduction of the new plant passporting requirements. We can also plan regular delivery routing and give clear guidelines to customers guaranteeing delivery requirements are met and longer-term order requirements are planned well ahead.

“We can store and analyse all plants requested on quotations and this information can then be used for sales forecasting and production planning to ensure we are constantly in touch with market demands.

“The software allows us the ability to react quickly to changes in the marketplace and we can see real-time stock availability information. Our new simple quotation and order input templates also mean information can be processed and returned to customers much faster.”

Photograph caption: Andy Johnson, Managing Director at Wyevale Nurseries, using the new ERP system.


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