Field and Container Grown Trees

  • Both field and container grown trees grown on over 350 acres
  • Over 125,000 Field Grown Trees grown annually from 6-8cm up to 20–25cm girth
  • 8500 container grown trees from 15ltr to 300ltr
  • Over 70 different varieties available
  • Many unique/different varieties grown

Field grown trees have been part of Wyevale Nurseries heritage from the very beginnings of the company in 1930 and we have been growing trees in fields around Hereford ever since. Trees are at the very heart of our business, core to our overall range.


Chris Mason

Chris Mason and his team are passionate about growing the highest quality trees in Europe and visitors are always welcome to come and walk our tree fields to see this for themselves (appointments required).

At all stages of production we pay particular attention to enhance the development of a fibrous root system which is key to the survival and establishment of the tree in the landscape. Caning, tying, detailed head branch pruning and training of leaders all contribute to ensure a vigorous well balanced crown with a dominant leader and good root to shoot ratio.

Our tree range is selected specifically to meet the needs of the landscape amenity markets. We have over 150 varieties in production and every one of those has to earn its place in our fields. We constantly assess and introduce new improved cultivars.

Within the 350 acres we have over 125,000 field grown trees, offering the ‘must haves’ or ‘tried and tested’ such as Alnus glutinosa, Betula pendula, Carpinus betulus, Pyrus Chanticleer, Quercus robur, and Sorbus aucuparia; but within the key genus we have selected varieties which may not be widely available, but which we feel should be seriously considered:

• Carpinus betulus ‘Lucus’ is a superb upright form of Hornbeam with excellent leaf colour
• Betula pendula Shaft is a recent introduction with impressive stem colour and an upright, pyramid habit
• Sorbus commixta Olympic Flame has the most incredible autumn colours and a lovely columnar habit

Trees in the rosacea family, such as Amelanchier, Malus, Prunus and Sorbus, are increasing in popularity and appearing on more landscaping schemes due to their ornate and reasonably compact habit, so suit urban planting schemes where space is at a premium.

Another trend is towards trees feathered to the base, which are used for screening to gain shelter or privacy. Most trees in wholesale production have a clear stem/trunk, a feathered tree has branches from base. This is something we have grown a number of trees specifically for such as Carpinus betulus, Crataegus monogyna and Fagus sylvatica. Trees grown in feathered form are clearly marked in our catalogues/sales lists.

Left: Feathered Carpinus Betulus. Right: Sorbus commixta Olympic Flame