Hedging and Forestry Transplants

• 200 acre transplant nursery (1 and 2 year old field grown native shrubs, trees and hedging plants)
• 14 miles of seed beds sown every year, from native sourced seed
• Over 5 million plants produced
• UK natives a core part of the range
• UK provenance an important part of the range

Wyevale Nurseries is one of the biggest general transplants nurseries in the UK growing 1.7 million two-year-transplants and a quarter of a million three-year-old transplants. We can boast over 20 years experience in producing top quality field grown native shrubs, trees and hedging plants. We pride ourselves on being one of Britain’s foremost providers of bare root, field grown plants, catering to your individual needs whether they are landscaping, forestry or agricultural industries, local authorities or private landowner.

Our extensive range of stock originates from native sourced seed where possible or is produced in the form of hardwood cuttings from our own grown material. Every year we collect Quercus and Castanea seed from our own trees on the farm – for planting in the Spring! Collection of our own seed is registered with the Forestry Commission and a Master Certificate showing provenance UK 40 – Russells End Coppice is issued and held there.