Meet the team - Directors

Andy Johnson

Managing Director


Andy has worked for Wyevale Nurseries for 30 years since gaining a BSc in Horticulture from Reading University. Working mainly in container production Andy ran Floramile Roses Ltd - a joint venture between Wyevale Nurseries and Meilland UK before a spell as Container Production Director and in General Management.


Andy is passionate about the new look Wyevale Nurseries, its diverse product range and the energy being directed towards customer service.

Ian Wright

Commercial Sales Director


Ian has come to join us as a Commercial Sales Director bringing a wealth of knowledge from a number of UK nurseries over the past 20 years. 

Simon Williams

Commercial Director


A graduate from Reading University Simon is our Commercial Director. Simon oversees the company's finance department.

Chris Mason

Production Director Tree Division


Chris is responsible for all our tree production and with 38 years in horticulture, 30 of those years with Wyevale Nurseries. Chris brings great expertise, skill and knowledge into our tree division. Chris started his career at Bridgemere Nurseries and Notcutts and after spending some time in the US at Princeton Nurseries & J Frank Schmidt & Son, he arrived at Wyevale Nurseries in 1988 and has been involved in tree production ever since.

Ray Jenkins

Production Director Transplant Division


Ray has worked for Wyevale Nurseries for 33 years, 30 of them at our Transplants Division. He is passionate about plants and a true nurseryman. Ray is an active member of the HTA Hedging and Tree Group steering committee and of the CONFOR Nursery Producers Group.

Steve Reed

Production Director Container Division


Steve has worked at Wyevale Nurseries for 31 years since gaining an Higher National Diploma in commercial plant production. He has experience of hardy nursery stock of all ages from cuttings to 25L specimens. Steve works closely with his knowledgeable team to produce top quality crops to the right specifications.

Steve Ashworth


Steve came to Wyevale Nurseries having studied and trained at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and in the USA at the University of Wisconsin. Returning to England after 4 years abroad and a period acclimatising at Hillier Nurseries, Steve then joined Wyevale and spent some 25 years starting up and running the growing of forestry seedlings at our Wyevale Transplants site. Currently the ‘roving nature’ has resurfaced so that as a director he works for the company part-time on a number of special projects.